Get more productive in only 15 minutes a day!

What is it?

Join me in the 7-day Productivity Challenge to get stuff done and be able to take on more customers. In this challenge we will be looking at different aspects of working that will make you more productive like your inbox, ToDo lists, prioritising etc.

How it works

What’s in it for me?

  • Get more productive in 7 days with just 15 minutes a day

  • Be able to take on more customers

  • Get the Work-Life-Balance you deserve

By joining the Creative Start-Up Academy Community you will get access to much more than just the 7-day Productivity Challenge:

  • Personal lifetime support by me and other fantastic entrepreneurs around the world

  • Monthly live webinars to move your start-up forward

  • Bi-weekly FAQ videos

  • Inspiration for entrepreneurs

  • Book recommendations

  • And much more

Join the 7-day Productivity Challenge today to get things done. See you there!

Next Productivity Challenge starts on the 30th October!

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Christine & Gavin